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Investment Planning

An investment plan tailored to your objectives and goals. Unbiased and independent approach to selecting investments.

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Portfolio Management

Global, multi-asset, diversified portfolios that balance risk and return. Strategically designed to adapt to changing markets. Low cost and tax-efficient.

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Client Portal Technology

Web-based client portal. See all of your accounts in one, secure place. View live reports including balances, performance, allocation and holdings.


Planning For Accumulators

Optimized retirement savings plans. Savings rate analysis. Manage cash flow and budgeting. Examine debt financing strategies. Develop college savings strategies. Evaluate insurance need and sufficiency.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement income planning. Sustainable withdrawal rate analysis. Optimize social security strategies. Net worth and cash flow projections. Tax planning strategies. Help determine and develop an efficient estate plan.

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Dynamic Planning Software

Financial planning software that is both cash flow and goals-based.  Accommodates all types of client situations from simple to complex.  Detailed cash flow engine, advanced estate planning and detailed tax analysis.

Sound Money

Perspective on Money, Credit, & Financial Markets

Uphill Battle 2

Uphill Battle

February 18, 2023


Last year proved to be a historically challenging year in financial markets. The S&P 500 was down 18.1%, its 7th worst loss in the past 100 years. While volatility in the stock market is nothing new, the bond market experienced its own case of a drawdown. 2022 saw the Bloomberg Aggregate Bond Market suffer its worse loss in history declining 13%. Put the two markets together in the bellwether 60/40 portfolio and investors experienced a drawdown of 16% in 2022. 

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