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Blog: 2018 Review


5 AM Alarm

January 12, 2019

Categories: 2018 Review, Asset Allocation, Bonds, Bond Market

As I have aged, it seems my alarm clock goes off earlier and earlier. As a child, I somewhat dreaded waking up early in the morning unless it involved golf or some other sporting activity. Early morning Bible studies were thrown in the mix as I entered college. I have many older mentors to thank for motivating me to get up early and study the Bible. As I started my career, an earlier wake-up was the norm. Of course, once kids came along, the alarm clock was somewhat useless as babies became the new alarm clock (which went off multiple times every night). More recently, I have picked back up the hobby of running. With a busy family and work life, early mornings are the best time to “get my run in”. I have come to enjoy the solitude and peace of the early morning.

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